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Quality is Culture

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RAMP Gives Back

There's more to business than business!

Quarterly RAMP will donate to a charity. Please weigh-in and let us know your charity of interest! E-mail us.

Quarterly Donations:

2016 1st Quarter
University of New Haven, Charger Challenge, Innovation Center

2016 2nd Quarter
Confetti Foundation

The mission of the Confetti Foundation is to supply birthday parties to children who have to spend their birthday in the hospital.

The foundation was started with the hope that families will be able to shift their focus from their child's sickness for just 30 minutes and celebrate. Although the party is not a cure, it will be a welcome distraction and good reminder that every child deserves to be celebrated.

2016 3rd Quarter
Horizons for Homeless Children

Horizons for Homeless Children is one of the few organizations in Massachusetts focused exclusively on the needs of young homeless children and their families. Today, we provide high-quality early education, opportunities for play, and family support services to more than 2,000 homeless children each week in Massachusetts.

2016 4th Quarter

PROJECT 3.8 was so named to call attention to the fact that national funding for all pediatric cancers combined is a mere 3.8%, which is not enough. PROJECT 3.8 was founded by Robyn Ivy in collaboration with Melissa Murray of the Dorian J. Murray Foundation to carry on Dorian's legacy.

PROJECT 3.8's mission is:

  • To educate people about the disruption cancer brings to families
  • To encourage and inspire others to help their neighbors who are fighting cancer
  • To financially support pediatric cancer research